Not Your Usual Bay Breeze

Not Your Usual Bay Breeze

August 06, 2020

Traditionally the Bay Breeze is a spin off a vodka cranberry, with a nice little addition of pineapple juice. While this cocktail is fantastic as is, we’ve(of course) put our little spin on things to make a nice refreshing and “healthy” Shrubbie.

Instead of using juices to whip up a nice vodka cocktail, we’ve substituted in both the Cranberry Orange and the Pineapple Lavender Shrubs. The lime juice and simple sugar are not necessarily traditional to the Bay Breeze, but honestly, who cares? The addition of the two help to make for a nicely balanced Shrubbie which is oh-so satisfying.

When topping off your drink with sparkling water use as little or as much as you’d like. The carbonation really adds a nice mouth feel and helps to make our version of the Bay Breeze even more refreshing. We’ve taken the shake instead of stirring approach and recommend doing the same, especially if you’re using sugar instead of simple syrup. However, if you don’t want to shake this Shrubbie you can get away with stirring it up! It’s pretty hard to mess up and not end up with a great drink.

Not Your Usual Bay Breeze

Ready in 3 minutes

Serves 1 drink


  • 2 oz Vodka
  • .75 oz Pineapple Lavender Shrub
  • .75 oz Cranberry Orange Shrub
  • .25-.5 oz  1/1 Simple Syrup or ⅓ tsp sugar
  • Quarter of a lime juiced
  • Sparkling Water


  1. Squeeze lime into a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker with ice.
  3. Shake until well chilled.
  4. Strain into a(preferably) chilled glass.
  5. Top off the drink with a splash of sparkling water.
  6. Admire your fantastic handiwork and enjoy!


You can strain this over ice if you want. Just note that if you do so you may want to use less sparkling water as the ice will dilute the drink over time.

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