what are probiotics?

live bacteria and wild yeast that have numerous documented benefits for digestion and overall health. our products are probiotic rich fermented foods.

what is lacto fermentation?

the “lacto” in lacto-fermentation is short for lactobacillus which is one of the many lactic acid bacteria (lab).  The fermentation process creates an anaerobic environment to ensure beneficial bacteria and yeasts thrive, and harmful bacteria are squelched.

are your krauts vegan?

yes! we strive to be inclusive of all diets so we produce mostly vegan probiotic foods.  you’ll want to steer clear of our kimchi, though, as it contains fish sauce.


is there vinegar in your kraut?
nope! the tang you are tasting is the lactic acid produced during fermentation.


what is the probiotic count in a serving of kraut?

great question! we are in the process of getting our product tested.


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